Cat Care

Clever-looking dog at a computer

“Just Google It”

It’s the quick, easy way to check all kinds of information on pretty much any topic. And while factual accuracy won’t matter much when following the exploits of your favorite celebrities, when it comes to your pet’s health, reliability is important.


Twelve is the New Eight: What Your Senior Pet Wants You to Know

We all want our pets to live the longest, healthiest lives possible and to be active and happy even in their later years.  Early socialization and regular exercise set your young pet up for a healthy start, but what can be done to keep your older pet in top shape?

golden retriever

Imagine 40 Years of Morning Breath

Now that you’re properly grossed out, take a minute to think about the state of your pet’s mouth…

Cat carrier

Your New Year’s Resolution: Getting Kitty to the Vet

Vet-shy kitties are at risk, as they may not receive needed preventative care and vaccines or have problems identified early, when they can be more easily managed.

Puppy playing with toys

Why Play?

Just like our kids, our pets love to play. Play provides our pets with physical exercise and mental stimulation, helps them release pent-up energy and satisfies their natural predatory behavior. Playtime can be a great opportunity to bond with us as well.