Rodent Pet Care

Clever-looking dog at a computer

“Just Google It”

It’s the quick, easy way to check all kinds of information on pretty much any topic. And while factual accuracy won’t matter much when following the exploits of your favorite celebrities, when it comes to your pet’s health, reliability is important.


The Lighter Side of Rats

Rats over the centuries have definitely endured quite a bad reputation. Most popularly due to the outbreak of the “Black Plague” in Europe during the late 1300’s. The big misconception being that the rats actually caused the plague, which in reality, the fleas that hitched a ride on the rats caused when biting a human and thus passing on the disease.


Cobay, the Garden Guinea

Cobay is a great story. His owner was out gardening one day and Cobay, a small, dark guinea pig, waddled up to him.