Cheyenne, Part 2

Cheyenne was anesthetized and prepared for her surgery. It was our desire to repair both the pelvic and leg fractures in a single procedure but, due to her age, size and recent trauma, we were not sure how much Cheyenne could handle. Starting with the most immediate concern, her broken leg, Dr. Mandel reduced and stabilized the fracture as well as repairing a severed artery and severe muscle damage from the accident. Feeling satisfied with the leg repair, it was decided to merely reduce and appose the pelvic fractures and recover Cheyenne as our anesthetist was growing more and more concerned with her remaining under anesthesia. Surgery was a success!! She recovered and is already walking on 3 legs that evening, (which irritates Dr. Mandel’s own dog, Sam, who is already unhappy with the intrusion into his home).

Here she is at Gina Lute’s home. What a courageous little girl she is. What a sweet doll. (thanks for sending the picture, Gina…love the toy which shows how little Cheyenne is in comparison).

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