Duke Smith and Katey Hitchcock

Meet Duke Smith and Katey Hitchcock. Duke always loved holding Katie while they slept. Sometimes though, Katie didn’t return the love and would run away.

Dr. Smith adopted Duke (the brown kitty in the photo) while attending veterinary school at Cornell. At the age of two, Duke was diagnosed with a kidney condition known as glomerulonephritis. This was a lifelong condition that was managed with a veterinary diet designed for kidney health, called Hills Feline K/D. Although he was predicted to have a shortened lifespan of approximately 3 to 4 years, Duke lived with Dr. Smith and his family until the age of 15.

Katey (the gray kitty in the photo) was adopted by Dr. Hitchcock while she was attending veterinary school at Ohio State. Katey developed liver disease at the age of 10. She was treated with a prescription veterinary canned diet called Royal Canin Renal LP. Katey’s liver disease progressed to pancreatitis despite medical treatment. She passed away at the age of 11.

Duke and Katey lived together for 11 years and were part of a journey that extended from veterinary school, to veterinary practice, and became memories in the minds of two children.

Dr. Smith and Dr. Hitchcock understand that the relationship that forms between ourselves and our pets is an incredible bond that exists for all pet lovers. They remember this with each patient that they see, and that is what fuels their passion every day. Each pet that they see becomes a member of their family.

Your pet is our passion. You are our priority.

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