From Olive to Dear Abby

Olive has an amazing story. His original owner was very elderly and had passed away. Somehow, he was left behind in the apartment, unnoticed for 3 weeks. Finally a neighbor, who was 96 years old herself, discovered him and tried to take care of him but he would not eat. After 2 more weeks, he was brought in to us by the neighbor’s daughter. He presented in liver failure caused by prolonged starvation and several severely abscessed teeth. It was obvious that the neighbor was unable to provide the care and hospitalization required so we took possession of the cat, hoping to help him. He was taken to surgery where the abscessed teeth were extracted and a feeding tube inserted. Over the next several weeks, Olive was given IV and tube feedings and medications to treat the organ failure and infections. Slowly he recovered and eventually became a hospital cat.

Enter a very special client who was distraught and feeling terrible because she had been treating her own cat for several years, investing all her love and money for specialists and diagnostics and yet her cat was slowly getting worse and had come to that point where the cat’s quality of life was miserable. It was time to let go. Somehow, it seemed right, a perfect fit. We told her of our Olive, who needed a forever home. She felt it might keep her busy to have a companion and she was so depressed without her cat so she accepted our offer. It was a perfect match. Olive is a large presence in her new owners heart and she recently sent us this pic along with her thanks. Her name is now Abby.

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