Gina Francis Celebrates her 1 Year Anniversary Post-Osteosarcoma Removal

Miss Francis Celebrates 1 Year Cancer Free Osteosarcoma

Gina Francis is among my sweetest patients, owned by Virginia Francis, who is also owner of Club K9 of Wickliffe.  She came in very painful on her  leg. It was thought that the issue would be a ruptured ligament but radiographs showed an aggressive bone tumor. Though the tumor was cancerous and the only viable option in her case was amputation of the leg, Virginia opted for surgery, figuring that, even if she would have Gina a few short months post-operatively, she would at least not be in such pain. She did well after surgery and kept such a bright and happy attitude. We put Gina on natural anticancer supplements and a strict diet free of grains, processed foods, preservatives, sugar and high in omega 3 fatty acids. Here she is, back for her 1 year anniversary being cancer free. She makes everyone around her so happy and her parents and everyone here feels blessed for every day she continues to thrive. As you can see from the picture, though, nobody smiles wider than little Miss Gina Francis!

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