Veterinary Surgery in Cleveland Heights, OH

With our state of the art surgery suite and anesthetic monitoring stations, we are well-equipped and skilled to handle most emergency surgeries.

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Therapy Laser in Cleveland Heights, OH

At Oak Tree Veterinary Hospital, we use the newest CTX Companion therapy laser as a noninvasive, drug-free, surgery-free, and stress-free option to reduce your pet’s inflammation and pain.

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Medical Care Cleveland Heights, OH

Medical Care in Cleveland Heights, OH

The doctors and staff at Oak Tree Veterinary Hospital are committed to finding safe and effective treatments for our patients with chronic conditions such as arthritis, immune-mediated disease, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, and diabetes, to name a few.

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Diagnostics Cleveland Heights, OH

Diagnostics in Cleveland Heights, OH

At the heart of quality medicine is ongoing monitoring of life changes in your pet.

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Dental Care Cleveland Heights, OH

Dental Care in Cleveland Heights, OH

Some of the dental procedures that we offer are: teeth scaling and polishing, resection of excessive gingival inflammation, oral surgery and tooth extraction.

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Well Care Cleveland Heights, OH

Well Care in Cleveland Heights, OH

There is no doubt that the best way to ensure a long and healthy life is following a regular course of preventative care.

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Stress-Free Visits Cleveland Heights, OH

Stress-Free Visits in Cleveland Heights, OH

At Oak Tree Veterinary Hospital, we work very hard to create a stress-free environment for our patients. Our patient policies encourage better veterinary healthcare, a happier staff, and a level of satisfaction for our clients that we take great pride in.

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Oncology in Cleveland Heights, OH

A cancer diagnosis doesn’t have to be devastating when you’ve got the right team in your corner. Many pet owners are surprised to learn that cancer is one of the most common medical conditions affecting companion animals - particularly those that are over the age of 10 years.

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Allergies & Dermatology in Cleveland Heights, OH

There are many different ailments that can affect a companion animal’s skin. Whether it’s a topical problem, like a hot spot or rash, or something more in-depth like an infection, the symptoms can be unpleasant. You don’t want to see your pal suffer like that, and neither do we!

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Nutrition & Weight Management in Cleveland Heights, OH

If you’ve ever read the back of your pet’s food package, you know how many ingredients there are. Many of these things are hard to pronounce, let alone understand. If you need a little guidance in this area, you’re not alone. More importantly, the experienced team at Oak Tree Veterinary Hospital is here to help!

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Reptile Care in Cleveland Heights, OH

Not all pets are furry! We like scales too, and we are proud to provide care for reptile and amphibian patients. These exotic pets require a special understanding to care for, so we have a team that is trained to provide reptiles and amphibians with care.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in Cleveland Heights, OH

Platelet rich plasma is an effective therapy that addresses the symptoms of certain orthopedic conditions. PRP affects the underlying pathology of inflammation and promotes effective healing and pain relief for your pets. PRP Is used to treat arthritis, spinal conditions, tendon tears, muscle tears, wounds, and pain and inflammation.

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