Dental care for petsSome of the dental procedures that we offer are: teeth scaling and polishing, resection of excessive gingival inflammation, oral surgery and tooth extraction.  During your pets dental procedure, we will provide carefully monitored general anesthesia and will take dental radiographs to evaluate the health of the jawbone and teeth.  We are equipped to perform oral surgery, and will provide your pet with the necessary medications to relieve pain and oral infection caused by periodontal disease.

All of us are aware of the importance of clean and healthy teeth and gums. Our pets mouths need the same attention. Gingivitis and dental disease may spread to the urinary tract, heart valves, and other systems of the body. Inflammation of the gums and bone around the teeth can result in an elevation of inflammatory proteins. It may also cause bone loss, leading to the loosening and eventual complete loss of teeth.

Dental disease and oral pain may decrease the quality of your pets life, affecting his/her willingness to groom and play.  In fact, your pets dental health may even affect the quality of your own life: those kisses smell pretty nasty when your pet has a simmering inflammation!

Our entire staff at Oak Tree Veterinary Hospital understands the importance of proper dental health.  We have a newly renovated dental suite where we perform professional dental procedures every day.