Veterinarian evaluating an x-rayAt the heart of quality medicine is ongoing monitoring of life changes in your pet. Regular blood testing and urine testing for parasites and body functions can give Oak Tree Veterinary Hospital’s doctors early information that will improve and prolong the life of your pet. Our medical laboratory facility picks up specimens several times daily, and our doctors and technicians call you with the results of those tests. When necessary, there are certified consultants available to review the results.

We utilize the latest veterinary diagnostic technology to help improve your pets’ health.  We offer digital radiographs, digital dental radiographs, and abdominal ultrasound imaging.

Additionally, our in-house laboratory equipment allows us to provide you with rapid results on cortisol levels, bile acids, blood glucose, kidney and liver functions, complete blood counts, thyroid levels, platelet counts and cytologies.

We also run giardia and centrifugal fecal tests, health panels, geriatric or pediatric screens and cholesterol profiles.

Other diagnostic tools available for our staff to provide you with quality care for your pet include eye pressure tonemetry, Doppler blood pressure equipment, and Cardiopet® electrocardiograms — which include an in depth review by board certified cardiologists.