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The doctors and staff at Oak Tree Veterinary Hospital are committed to finding safe and effective treatments for our patients with chronic conditions such as arthritis, immune-mediated disease, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, and diabetes, to name a few.


Angora kittenOak Tree Veterinary Hospital does not believe in cookie-cutter care for puppies and kittens. Getting your pet off to a good start is vital to longevity, health and a well-adjusted and calm member of the family. We have vaccine protocols for specific breeds of dog or cat and will discuss important behavioral motives and training techniques, using our network of colleagues in related fields. Our comprehensive examinations will look for the obvious and not so obvious conditions which are specific to different breeds. Our staff will even help guide you to an appropriate match for you or your family before you purchase your pet.


With proper care and nutrition, cats and dogs can routinely live into their teens. Health care is more than vaccines and managing diseases. We prevent disease through wellness care and proper nutrition and husbandry guidance. Research shows older pets need less annual vaccinations and more in terms of preventative medicine through diet and nutrition tailored individually to the pet. It’s heartening that the five most common diseases seen nationally in veterinary clinics are preventable through appropriate care, but frustrating that these continue to be the most commonly seen problems, i.e. kidney and bladder disease in cats and arthritis and allergies in dogs.


For acute cases, from gastric dilatation volvulus (bloat) to trauma, we are equipped to handle most medical and orthopedic emergencies and we always make room for our clients, no matter how busy we are. After hours we refer our clients to the most well-respected emergency clinics in the area whether it be a bichon frise or a sugar glider — we’ve got it covered for you.


Veterinary medical careWe draw on all forms of therapy, from prescription medications to proper diet and nutritional supplementation. Our doctors consult with colleagues in related specialties to reach the most important goal for any pet of any age; a great quality of life.