Veterinary surgeryOak Tree Veterinary Hospital has a long track record of success in both the usual and unusual surgery cases.  Our doctors have been trained in various fields of veterinary surgery, and continue to receive training on the newest techniques.  With our state of the art surgery suite and anesthetic monitoring stations, we are well-equipped and skilled to handle most emergency surgeries.

A few of our surgical procedures . . .

Thyroidectomy, perineal urethrostomy, onychectomy, castration, hernia repair, crypt orchid neuter, ovariohysterectomy, cruciate ligament repair, meniscectomy, patella luxation repair, tumor resection, surgical tooth extraction, adrenalectomy, insulinoma, intestinal surgery, gastric dilatation, (bloat), surgery, elective gastropexy, c-section, surgical insemination, femoral head ostectomy, perineal urethrostomy, enucleation, lateral ear resection, fracture fixation.

Our care

Our medical staff provides quality care. Prior to surgery your pet will have blood work done and the highest quality of monitoring devices are used throughout the procedure. Intravenous fluids are a part of our surgical protocol.

All of our patients undergoing surgery, whether a 6-month old puppy neuter or a 19-year-old cat thyroidectomy, receive tailored anesthetic protocols using only the safest anesthetics available which support delicate little kidneys, hearts and livers. Our patients go home comfortable and pain-free.

Imagine . . . 

Puppy being examined by vet. . . you are a 6-month old labrador puppy who swallowed a baby’s pacifier. You need to go in for surgery. Scared and taken from your loved ones, a soft voice and gentle hands caress you while you are given something that makes you instantly relax and mellow. This allows you to be given low doses of anesthesia which lowers your anxiety and pain on awakening. Next you are given medication that gently sends you to sleep; and when you wake up, you are in a soft, warm bed with the same soft voice and gentle touch. While you were sedated, you were watched every minute, your blood pressure, heart rate, breath rate and volume of I.V. fluids, and oxygen saturation were meticulously monitored by professionals.

At Oak Tree Veterinary Hospital our patients don’t routinely go home with antibiotics after most procedures because strict adherence to sterile techniques have been followed.

“Quality care and caring” is more than just a motto. It is our way of service. We treat all our pets as if they were someone’s child. Because they are.