Spayed or Unspayed??

by Kristen West, DVM

In May, I examined a kitty that had been adopted from the shelter and had been spayed there. Her new parents were observing behavior that was suspicious of hormonal/heat behavior. She was being extremely vocal, extremely affectionate, and was keeping them up at night with her crying. I ran a vaginal cytology that was suggestive of estrus, or “heat”. I also ran a blood estrogen level, which was inconclusive. When these episodes persisted, I decided to do an exploratory surgery. I was very happy that we made that decision, because I found a remnant of an ovary that had been left behind. Even a small piece of an ovary can produce enough hormones to mimic a heat cycle. Since I removed this remnant, the kitty has been fine, and her parents have been able to sleep.

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