What to Feed and NOT to Feed from the Holiday Table

The turkey’s been in the oven for hours, and you’re not the only one enticed by its smell. Remember those old cartoons where the dog catches the scent of something wonderful and floats away on a cloud?? Your pets can smell that turkey ( any meat ) better than you can, and you can bet if possible, your dog will try to position himself nearby when the bird is ready to eat. Dogs know a feast when they smell one. And who can resist those eyes, begging for a morsel of the heavenly food? Let’s imagine for a moment:

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… you let him indulge. To make matters worse, you may give him the parts of the bird that are less desirable to you, not just the meat but the skin and the fat. Then doggie will look lovingly at every other family member easily getting what he or she desires. Everything is fine until your sweetie starts suffering from a “dietary indiscretion,” meaning, he/she ate too much rich food. Symptoms include: throwing up, walking with back hunched, retching, and acting subdued. You may even notice when you take him/ her outside that the poop is bloody. You may try to reach a¬†vet by phone, he or she may tell you to get doggie to an emergency clinic, because the consequences of his fatty meal may be serious. Usually, this overindulgence isn’t fatal, but may require X-rays and lab tests. Chances are, you’ll be told that your pet has an inflammation of the stomach lining, known as acute gastritis. That condition is bad enough, but can also lead to pancreatitis (an inflammation of the pancreas, which can be fatal). Imagine spending your holiday¬†hooked up to an IV and being pumped with antibiotics and limited for the next few days to ice chips and a bland diet. Be safe and skip the rich, fatty, spicy stuff. Instead, give him his regular food, with a spoonful of broth and a few spoons of white lean meat mixed in so they can share in the feast without paying a high price the next day. Happy Holidays!

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